• Sean

    Love the video.

    • Orange Cone Project

      Thank you!

  • John B

    I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the brave conical world that do their work in dangerous places to keep our non-conicals safe.

  • Paul

    Love it! Clearly, orange cones are no longer just for coneheads.

  • Eddie Wang

    Great. The planet is occupied by cones already. .. Or maybe we are invaders to them…

  • Steve Lorton

    Well done, Charlie….. very well done.
    I suppose the end goal of any piece of art is to make people
    look more closely, see better, and in so doing be more
    interested in, responsive to and responsible for, the World around them.
    At least that’s what this has done for me.
    Magical, really. Thank you.

  • Edna Boroski

    The music seemed fitting for the video. What is the name of the piece and who is the artist? It is lovely.

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